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Last month, Hate Trackers was caught up in the YouTube purge of white nationalism. However, YT didn't understand the difference between spreading hate and reporting on hate, so they wiped our channel. To avoid future disruptions, we've just launched our own platform.

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Killer Joe Vinci threatens slaughter in Portland, Oregon


 A Portland, Oregon tattoo artist named Joseph Dymond Vinci, age 49, who has already killed a homeless man, is trying to push his Titans of Liberty and Proud Boys friends into conducting a bloodbath on the streets of that city. 

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Former OK Dem Governor spent debate time going full-blown racist


 One-term Oklahoma Democratic Governor David L. Walters found himself in a social media firestorm during the presidential primary debate Wednesday night. The governor did not like anyone talking Spanish during the debate. 

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Cherokee Nation has multi-million dollar contract with CBP


 Beginning 527 years ago, invaders coming east from the Atlantic Ocean landed on the New Land, which was inhabited by Indigenous People. Soon came genocide, slavery, forced removal, concentration camps, and forced sterilization. 

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Dylann Roof using outside Nazi to deliver letter to Tucker Carlson


 Imprisoned mass murderer Dylann Roof is sending letters to a Nazi in Arkansas - one of which is being delivered to Fox New sfigure Tucker Carlson.  

And there's a potential killer on the loose.

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Legion of St. Ambrose (an American Christian Version of ISIS)


 From book burnings to masked marches in front of Planned Parenthood, a fairly new fascist group called the Legion of St. Ambrose  has risen in the State of Tennessee. 

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The Hiwaymen are scheming to get around school children


 Recent activities by the Hiwaymen has seen an escalation in their thirst for violence and the advent of a very suspicious anti-bullying campaign, based in pedophilia. 

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OIG Migrant Camp Findings


Management Alert – Dept of Homeland Security Needs to Address Dangerous Overcrowding and Prolonged Detention of Children and Adults in the Rio Grande Valley.

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US Concentration Camps


 This map shows every known US Customs & Border Protection facility in the South Border states. It ranks each according to the potential for abusive conditions at the location. 


North Carolina Confederate Nests


 White supremacy runs wide and deep in the Tar Heel state.  This map of NC provides a visual depiction of the spaces and locations where homage is paid to white supremacy. 

Interactive Map

Erase the Hate OKC will be providing free removal of hate and gang related tattoos. Dr. Clinton Webster and his staff at Oklahoma Plastic Surgeons will host the “Erase the Hate OKC” free laser tattoo removal event on July 27th.

Anyone interested in participating is asked to apply online by July 22nd. A representative will contact them regarding their eligibility. 

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