INCEL | Drama Short Film by John Merizalde

Sam is a reclusive young man who finds solace with those who share the same self-described title as him: Incel. When his countless real-life efforts at love fail, Sam turns to this anonymous community of the “involuntarily celibate” for help, but instead finds himself increasingly pushed towards extremism. 

Complete Coverage: Trial and sentencing of James Alex Fields Jr's Charlottesville attack

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It's Time to Act

How many more are going to die?

The Ariana Grande story HT did is gaining some traction. Yet ordinarily few are paying attention to the rising male supremacy and pro-rape movements and they need to be. They're not a joke. Women are dying and being raped.  

These defects have murdered dozens in the name of their Boy God Elliot Rodger - he killed six.

They stalk and troll storm women - they went after comedian Leslie Jones and a Jewish woman in Montana who was the target of weeks of harassment by neo-Nazi internet trolls. One of their members recently entered a Yoga studio in Florida and you saw how that turned out - two women dead. Did you know the Parkland shooter was part of them? He killed 17. What about the Toronto man who plowed his van into a crowd killing 10?  At Umpqua Community College nine died.  Aztec High School in New Mexico lost two lives.  


These killers and more all belong to the male supremacy and pro-rape movement. They're being radicalized by sites like The Daily Stormer, who tell them they're supposed to kill and rape.

These groups behind such things don't seem to have a problem needing money. Their supporters keep their pockets full and the problem grows. Hell, these monsters can afford to operate their websites and live in foreign countries, because there are men out there who have become part of the cult. Lots of them.  

In the meantime groups like Hate Trackers, who are trying to stop them, aren't getting the support they need. 

You need to have people monitoring these monsters and exposing them. Help us do that.

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