Sunday evening saw the Mile High Comics store in Denver hosting what was billed as a family-friendly all-ages drag show allowing young performers to hone their craft. The event included a benefit to raise money for the White Rose Scholarship.

However, a number of people led by conspiracy theorist Kenny Bertholomey, who claims he's part of Anonymous, harassed people as they arrived to attend the event.

Trigger warning on the video below. It's from the hater's POV and includes very graphic language. 


Our video channel and live stream via YouTube has been suspended.  In their purge of white nationalist and hate groups, several hate monitoring and news reporting channels were caught up. Apparently, YouTube cannot distinguish between those who are promoting fascism and those who are reporting on it. 

The end result is none of our videos are currently available to view. We'll be moving to a different video platform in the very near future and get back to full speed. 



June 22nd Knoxville TN Pride

Kynan Dutton, who was arrested last year for assaulting a gay man at the Knoxville Pride will be back this year on June 22nd. At this time, we don't project him having more than a handful of people with him.

Dutton gained infamy in 2012 for trying to take over the town of Leith, North Dakota, while with the NSM. He ended up in Tennessee. The NSM was seen in Detroit yesterday - but they and Dutton had a falling out earlier this year. He's now halfway associated with the ShieldWall Nazis.

Dutton and Burt Colucci, who led the Nazis in Detroit, are now mortal enemies trying to best each other and show who is the top dog in a white nationalist fight. This may mean he wants to have a greater and more violent showing than Colucci was able to achieve. 


However, Dutton has failed at organizing fascists in Tennessee, so it may just end up being him and a couple of others unless they bring in out-of-staters with ShieldWall or League of the South, which he has been networking with lately.

UPDATE: 06/10/2019:  

Hate Trackers is expanding its alert for Knoxville Pride on June 22nd to not only include Kynan Dutton and his group, who we've already alerted about, but, also, the Legion Of Saint Ambrose and the National Socialist Movement (NSM). The NSM was the group of Nazis that showed up armed to the Motor City Pride in Detroit. 

This could get interesting, as Dutton is at war with the NSM after deserting them earlier this year. 

Also, we are seeing some chatter about involvement by the neo-Confederates at the League of the South. We're not, however, confirming their definite participation.  

June 22nd Oklahoma City Pride

This alert is to inform People of Color to avoid the gay bar called Tramps. Last fall, their bouncer Tanner Brown went on an incredibly vile racist social media rampage and has threatened to harm black people. He has maintained his employment at Tramps and is considered a threat.

The bar knowingly and negligently hired Brown knowing that he has frequent violent outbursts and suffers from PTSD. Expecting someone in such emotional turmoil to maintain professional and competent conduct, while clearly harboring extremist views against potential customers, is an act of negligence by Tramps that needs to placed on the back of bartender Daniel Frasek. He is Brown's close friend and not only got him the job, but ensures he keeps it no matter what he does.

At times, a danger is an internal one. LGBTQ "leaders" in OKC have failed to address the racism and threats coming from within their own community. 


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