Pro-Trump Lawmaker Issues Holy War Manifesto

Hate Trackers has a copy of the Republican Holy War manifesto now being reviewed by the FBI

Intel Report

November 4, 2018

The  FBI and Joint Terrorism Task Force are investigating after a Washington state lawmaker penned a dangerous secret manifesto called the "Biblical Basis for War." 

Republican  Rep. Matt Shea of the Washington State House of Representatives wants America to return to old Hebrew Code and follow the Bible in every aspect of culture. 

An unidentified person within Shea's inner circle handed off the document to authorities. 

Spokane County Sheriff Knezovich  obtained a copy of the manifesto and alerted the FBI, who are leading an investigation into the incident.

The manifest calls for assassination, sabotage, and a declaration of war against anyone that fails to align with Shea and his beliefs.

This is straight up Christian Dominionism, which among many things calls for a return to slavery and the murder of gay people.

The manifesto is similar to ones issued by white supremacists in the Christian Identity and Aryan Nations movements going back to the Eighties.   

The manifesto calls for men to agree with it or be slain.  A quote from the document says “If they do not yield – kill all males.”  

Shea speaks of a "Law of Booty" where property can be taken from enemies and shared by the the men who fought and the church ministry. 

Shea at first denied he wrote the manifesto claiming in a YouTube video it was a Marxist and Islamic attempt to discredit him. However, he has now admitted it was his work, but was never a secret manifesto. 

At the Washington House of Representatives Shea is known for his angry outbursts. He's been a member of that body since 2008.

Shea is the host a podcast called Patriot Radio broadcast on the American Christian Network. 

At a gun-rights rally in August, Shea referred to reporters as  "those dirty, godless, hateful people"  

In November 2011 Shea was put on probation over a road rage incident that saw him  waving a loaded gun at another motorist. 

The Christian lawmaker was divorced in 2008 after his wife accused him of physical and emotional abuse.

At the divorce hearing it was revealed  that while when Sheas was in the Army Ntional Guard " ... was disarmed by his commander in Iraq and called in for a psychiatric evaluation for anger management problems.” 

Shea continues getting into office with the help of  organizations such as the Citizens Alliance for Property Rights, Gun Owners’ Action League of Washington, Gun Owners of America, Human Life PAC, Justice for All PAC, Parents’ Rights of Washington, and the Spokane County Constitutional Republications. 

You can read the full manifest as a PDF file below.

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Biblical_Basis_for_War (pdf)