First Stone Ministries, Part One

Published August 3, 2018

In his personal video testimony about what he calls his sexual brokenness, Stephen Howard Black, director of Oklahoma City’s gay reparative First Stone Ministries says, “At age seven I was exposed to more pornography. My brother’s friends had come over to our house to look at Playboy magazines. One of my brother’s friends was reading an article about testing yourself to see if you might have homosexual tendencies. The article asked if you were attracted to men or women in very explicit ways. My mind was reeling from the pictures and the feelings that I was having to deal with. He showed the “pictures” to me and asked me, “Who would you kiss, the man or the woman?” Little did they know that I had found and looked through their magazines beforehand. So I became very frightened. This fear caused me to believe that I was going to really get in trouble. I remember wanting to answer what I thought he wanted to hear. I thought “well, we are all boys” (and seven year old boys are not supposed to be interested in girls) so I told him, “The man.” Well, my brother’s friends went on and on about how I was a “queer.” They ridiculed my brother and me.

I remember seeing my brother’s face and how ashamed he was of me. I was greatly disillusioned and confused. I remember feeling so dirty, having the voices telling me over and over, “You homosexual, you queer.” The voices of ridicule condemned me in my mind for several days. I thought of the human anatomy over and over in a state of confusion.”

That brother was Michael Black, who would later form Mike & the Stingrays, a never-successful band doing Elvis covers with Mike donning rhinestone-studded jumpsuits and impersonating Presley. 

On June 16, 2007, Michael Black, then age 53, was arrested for driving under the influence after he crossed the center line at 12th Avenue NE and Little River Road in Norman and crashed head on into a vehicle driven by Gwendolyn Long, age 36.

By morning, Long had died, the charges were upped to manslaughter, and bail was set at $25,0000. However, someone called the courthouse, and Black was released immediately on his own recognizance. It’s unknown who made the call to get the killer released. 

Black was found guilty of manslaughter after taking a blind plea. Before gathering in the courtroom, however, Judge Lori Walkley took a call from Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern – a personal friend of Stephen Black, the defendant’s brother. Walkley came out of her chambers and sentenced Michael Black to ten years in prison with the entire term suspended.

Black would never serve a day in jail for the crime of driving drunk and killing a woman.   

Judge Walkley ordered him to create a $5,000 scholarship fund for Gwendolyn Long’s six motherless children.

In March 2008, Rep. Kern made headlines across the nation after she was caught on video claiming gays were worse than terrorists in Oklahoma City, which just thirteen years before a terrorist named Timothy McVeigh detonated a truck bomb that killed 168. In April, a Rally for Sally was held at the Oklahoma State Capitol to show support for the embattled lawmaker. After Kern’s husband Steven Kern, pastor of the Olivet Baptist Church in Oklahoma, gave an introduction and she spoke, Stephen Black was brought on to attest to the homophobe’s love of homosexuals. Black claimed that Kern so loved the gays that she and her husband were letting gay reparative groups from First Stone Ministries to use their church.

Another speaker for the rally was Edmond, OK Pastor Paul Blair, who in 2016 would have to defend himself against allegations he was in the Ku Klux Klan that threatened his race for state senate.  

Hosting that rally with Blair’s Reclaim Oklahoma for Christ was Richard “Dick” Bott of the Bott Radio Network where Sally Kern is on the board of directors. In the 1980’s, Dick Bott assisted the South African government in trying to maintain an Apartheid state. South Africa’s Department of Information funneled money to the National Religious Broadcasters, whose executive director Ben Armstrong with Richard Bott in tow toured the African country then used their gospel radio influence to convince Americans that blacks were functioning well under Apartheid. They weren’t. Apartheid was a form of slavery and the world stepped in to dismantle it.  

Stephen Black in his testimony said, “when I was about nine years old, our next door neighbors had some out-of-state friends visiting. I was playing at their house. I went into the garage followed by the adult male visitor. He grabbed me from behind and began to molest me. He would not let me go. He told me to be quiet. I was so scared. After struggling with him for a few minutes, which seemed like an hour, I finally got away. I was terrified at what had happened. I ran out of the garage and sat down like nothing had happened.”

He would go on to explain that his family dynamics and being molested were what caused his sexual brokenness and convince him he was gay. 

As a teen and young adult, Stephen Black was known as a gay street hustler in the 39th St District. However, he had a weight problem and his services were being less required, as he grew fatter. By 1983, he had built up so much resentment against his former gay customer base, he decided not to be gay anymore – like that’s possible. Black turned to Christ and for the next decade fell in and out of junior college and worked odd jobs before coming across First Stone Ministries in 1993 and taking the directorship in 2000.

On his journey to become ex-gay Black worked in a pet shop, dropped in and out of junior college, and found a wife named Robin, who came bearing a pre-teen daughter from a previous relationship.  

That daughter, Mandy, did not fare well with the gay converted Stephen Black. Something happened in the Black home that sexually broke her sending her away from her parents to prostitution, drugs, and prison. While Stephen was selling his sexual brokenness and gay conversion cures to other parents, his own child was falling down a dark hole.

In a previous report done in Hate Trackers’ earlier incarnation, Mandy told us she was estranged from Stephen, but she was trying to stay clean in order to get her son back. That son was taken by Stephen and Robin Black against Mandy’s will. Although she would not provide specifics, she pointed the finger at her stepfather as to why she had so much personal trauma in her life. She was just getting out of prison after working as a prostitute and selling drugs.

In 2004 Mandy was convicted of: Possession of a Controlled Substance, Possession of Paraphernalia, and Distribution of a Controlled Dangerous Substance. In 2007: Multiple counts of possession and delivery of meth. And all the while, Stephen Black was on the back of his medicine wagon pitching his cures for sexual brokenness and homosexuality. 

To Mandy Black, her stepfather was the demon that broke her and forced her to seek “stability” in the criminal underworld of stripper poles, drug sales, car thefts, and pay for play. Mandy found ways to self-medicate from the disease she endured – Stephen Black.

It would appear that Black may not possess the ability to heal broken children, but he certainly is skilled at breaking them.

Black says, “…deliverance from homosexuality comes only from Jesus Christ, it does not come from great counselors and ministries. God does use these people, but the realization must be that it comes from Jesus Christ and Him ONLY. Total deliverance from homosexuality comes only through a new life-style of an absolute surrender and a complete dependence upon the Lord Jesus Christ.”

That’s good, because he’s not qualified as a counselor as a minister. 

Stephen Black’s Education

· 1977-1980 Del City High School, Del City, OK

· 1980-1984 Rose State College, Midwest City, OK 

· 1988-1990 OSU-OKC, Oklahoma City, OK

· 1983 - 1990 Ministerial Studies online correspondence

That’s nearly a decade in two-year junior colleges without ever obtaining a degree. Stephen Black is the slowest learner in community college history. His Bible school correspondence courses can be found listed in the classified section of the National Enquirer. This is not the background of a professional therapist or counselor.

Licensed Counselor: This title is used in Oklahoma to license mental health professionals who help clients with "daily life" issues such as self-esteem and relationships. Licensed Counselors typically do not deal with more serious mental health or mental disorder issues that would require a psychologist or psychiatrist. Licensed Counselors are substantially similar to the Licensed Professional Counselor title used by most other states.  Qualifications include a Master's degree in professional counseling or a related field, 1000 to 3000 of supervised work experience and a licensure exam. An additional 20-40 hours of continuing education is required for license renewal.

Licensed Clinical Pastoral Therapists (LCPT):  Only a few states require a separate licensure for counselors working from a religious or spiritual perspective. Another term used for this license is Fee-based Pastoral Counselor. In Oklahoma, chaplains, pastors or religious leaders need to earn a license as a Professional Counselor or Marriage and Family Therapist in order to provide licensed counseling.

Licensure is only required if the counseling is for a fee, as opposed to part of the normal duties of a pastor or religious leader.  In general, Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselors must hold a master's degree in professional counseling or a related field, must complete 1000-2000 hours of professional supervision and must pass a licensure exam.

What can happen during the type of quack therapy Stephen Black conducts?

Emotional Harm – Evidenced in feelings of shame, fear, stress, disappointment, exhaustion and rejection (especially when one is shunned).

Psychological Harm – Manifested in the forms of depression, suicidal tendencies, post traumatic stress and in some cases the triggering of a psychotic break.

Spiritual Harm – In the form of chronic discouragement, fear of God, and loss of faith communities and even of faith. Distrust of spiritual leaders. A spiritual crisis of integrity and incongruence through the constant message that You cannot be gay and Christian.

Relationship Harm – Through the loss of vital relationships or damage to relationships

Financial Harm – Some spent hundreds of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars on ex-gay treatment, at seminars and conferences and on books and tapes.

Physical Harm – In the form of health issues triggered by stress and depression.

Sexual Harm – In the form of damaging sex education.

In the next part of this story we’ll be getting into Black’s conversion therapy practices, eyewitness testimonies, the history and future of First Stone Ministries, and exposing his role on the national stage with this quickly becoming illegal program.  

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