Portland Oregon - November 17, 2018

Fascist, antifascists, and police clashed in Portland after a controversial #HIMTOO organized by alt-right figures rally ended and the fighting began. Clashed erupted over a several block area with riot police at first unable to gain control. After the opposing groups were separated with the use of rubber bullets and chemical agents, the violence ended. So far, there have been six arrested.

Philadelphia Pennsylvania November 17, 2018

A far right patriot rally dubbed 'We the People' rally fizzled with few showing up. Nearby, however, several hundred counter-protesters ranging from social activists to concerned citizens gathered near the Liberty Bell on Independence Mall to call for an end to racism and hate. There were sporadic eruptions of clashed, but for the most part the city of Philadelphia was spared serious violence.

Woman Catches Two Proud Boys Sneaking into Counter Protest

Figures from NYC violence ousted before they could start trouble.

November 17, 2018 - Today at the counter-protest to act against the nationalist 'We the People' rally a woman recognized members of the Proud Boys hiding among her fellow resisters. She remembered their faces from the violence they committed in New York City last month.

To the right, top photos are of her calling the Proud Boys out. They were immediately escorted away from the counter-protesters.

The bottoms photo is from October's Proud Boys attack in NYC. It's where the woman recalled those faces and was able to stop their attempt to possibly incite violence inside another gathering. 

The two hate group figures were identified as Simon Greenwood & David Kuriakose. Both were involved in the mob attack in NYC last month; Kuriakose was arrested and charged with riot & assault. He is currently out on bond.

You can read Hate Trackers' coverage leading up to the Philadelphia events here. The KU Nazis, however, were disinvited and not at the rally.


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